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Foreign Rigths (Rechte & Lizenzen)

Foreign Rights (Licensing)


The Christophorus Verlag is a German publishing company under the roof of Media Group Medweth. We love what we are doing, because we concentrate on publishing books around lovely and creative things:

Handmade and self-designed things, artful designs and creative crafting, trendy and practical accessories – all this and much more contain our books. This creative pool of ideas might be our contribution to happy families, where something will be created together, presents are made to one another with secretly crafted gifts, and children are promoted in a very exiting way …. 


We care for a highest possible accuracy of all instructions, so that a successful reproduction of all projects can be guaranteed and bring fun to everybody who don’t forget to include in their daily life some creative DIY and to participate and craft together.


Universal subjects, top content quality and a trend setting and globally transferable special interest content make our books attractive around the world for an international license business, making us the first point of contact for publishers who want to grow their book portfolio in a fast way with market-leading content.


Our Foreign Rights Team presents the creative books of Christophorus Verlag within these 4 segments:


·       Needlework 

Needlework books „at its best“ – from socks to designer pieces in delicate lace, from instructions for the sewing machine over great sewing ideas for the children’s room and trendy accessories to funny potholders, and last but not least to Patchwork & Quilting in all variations.


·       Creative crafting  

Books for creative crafting – from window pictures to Origami, from clay modelling to pottery, from crafting for kids to crafting with kids, from painting with water colours to drawing portraits, from learning to draw for kids and adults to home decoration, colourful design, and, and ...


·       Painting & drawing 

Books designed for artists and those who aspire to be. As specialists for all topics of art our editorial team guarantees practical books combining knowledge, aesthetics and art perfectly. From the workshop for beginners to the Art Academy for advanced and professionals search for inspiration …


·       Creative children   

Awarded children books motivating children to take action and participate. Our non-fiction books and the books to participate are real treasure boxes full of ideas for adventures: artistic as well as natural scientific – for at home as well as outdoors in nature. We accompany children from kindergarten to primary school on their way of discovery.


Licensing partners benefit from over 20 years publishing experience of our Foreign Rights Team. We’d love to share this knowledge with publishing partners from around the world and give you all possible support to guarantee profitable results. You can download the catalogues for the 4 segments, please see on this page the right side below. In these catalogues we have also indicated for each title which languages are already sold (Index for country codes on the last pages).


For more details and to discuss your special requirements with our Foreign Rights Manager, please fill in the contact form below. Our Foreign Rights Team will always be delighted to help and will contact you immediately.

Wir freuen uns über eine Nachricht von Ihnen!

Do not hestitate to contact us!


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Ralf Meier

Commercial Director / Kaufmännischer Leiter

Tel: +49 7623 964 534




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Mrs. Kerstin Schult
Assistant Foreign Rights Manager

Tel: +49 7623 964 476

Tuesday  09.00 – 12.00 UTC-1

Thursday 09.00 – 12.00 UTC-1


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